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Now in its fourth reprinting, Kim Morrissey's book of poems Batoche will have its debut as an Opera (composer: William Pura) at the Saskatoon New Music Festival, Saturday, April 21, 2001.

"Morrissey perfectly embodies Marianne Moore's definition of an ideal poet (and an ideal cheese): 'local, but prized elsewhere.' "
-- Brenda Niskala

At first, the new Prairie poets were mostly male, but in time a number of important women poets have appeared, including Anne Campbell, Lorna Crozier, Leona Gom, Kim Morrissey and Anne Szumigalski.
-- Douglas Barbour
Poetry in English
The 1998 Canadian Encyclopaedia
(published by McClelland and Stewart )

"Morrissey writes with sureness and wit ....  Dora: A Case of Hysteria is an important addition to the Canadian dramatic canon and to the body of contemporary playwriting by women." 
- Rita Much, Canadian Theatre Review.

BATOCHE by Kim Morrissey


Batoche, Kim Morrissey's first book, has been used as a Canadian Studies text in Canada, Britain, Germany , Norway and Denmark, and as a secondary school text. It is now in its fourth printing and will have its debut as an Opera (Composer: William Pura) at the Saskatoon New Play Festival April 21, 2001. Poems For Men Who Dream of Lolita has also had poems set to music at the New Music Festival in Winnipeg, and it is also on university curriculums. Five of the poems from the book have been selected for Mythic Women/Real Women (edited by Lizbeth Goodman), Faber & Faber's prestigious Women & Gender university textbook.

Her black comedy about Freud, Dora: A Case of Hysteria (Nick Hern Books) was one of the first plays workshopped at Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, with director Steven Gregg, and was produced by Steven Gregg at Regina's Wheatland Theatre in 1987. Since then, Dora has been produced in Canada, America, Australia, Britain and Germany and is a suggested text for the Open University in England. Clever As Paint: The Rossettis In Love (published by Playwrights Canada Press) premièred in London, England, and was a theatre choice for The Guardian. She has written critically-acclaimed documentaries and dramas for both CBC and BBC Radio, and was a commissioned writer on BBC's political satire sketch show Week Ending (Executive Producer: Gareth Edwards) also broadcast on the  BBC World Service.

She was taught by Sue Kramer, Eli Mandel and Patrick Lane at Fort San Summer School of the Arts, and is one of the original members of the Saskatoon Poets Coterie (which included fellow Coteau writers Susan Andrews Grace, Bill Klebeck, Brenda Niskala and Craig Grant). She is a founding member (with fellow Coteau writers Rex Deverell, Geoffrey Ursell, Barbara Sapergia, Ken Mitchell, Diane Warren, Connie Gault and Sharon Butala) of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre.

In addition to writing, Morrissey has taught creative writing, served as writer-in-residence in Saskatchewan schools (Grades K-12). She lectured on Play Analysis at Rose Bruford College for Drama (London, England), and been a regular guest lecturer at the Open University's Summer School in York, England.

Coteau's Best Selling Backlist - Kim Morrissey:


• Batoche
with 10 archival photographs and maps
cover photograph by Gary Robins
ISBN 0-919926-91-6 trade paper

• Third prize, 1987 CBC Literary Award
• Joint winner, 1987 SWG Major Poetry Award
• shortlisted for the 1989 Gerald Lampert Award
(League of Canadian Poets)

Praised by poets as diverse and accomplished as Gwendolyn MacEwen, Michael Ondaatje, George Woodcock, Al Purdy, Daphne Marlatt and bp nichol, Batoche is now in its fourth reprint. It is a recommended text for schools, taught in high schools in Canada and universities in Canada and Europe. With wit, sensitivity, generosity, precision and compassion, Morrissey goes beyond the documented facts of the 1885 NorthWest Resistance/Rebellion, and takes on voices of the well-known - Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont, General Middleton - and the lesser known - Marguerite Riel, the women and children of the community, and anonymous fighters on both sides.

"Using her skills as a researcher, dramatist and poet, Kim Morrissey brings to life the once silent pages of our history with a clear and simple eloquence." - Lorna Crozier


includes poems, On The Internet projects, a Lesson Plan by Wilma Riley, and background notes


• Poems For Men
Who Dream of Lolita

ISBN 1-55050-030-9 trade paper

"Morrissey's poems chip away at the myths of seductiveness and seduction, to reveal a sordid truth underneath: the abuse of innocence, the destruction of tenderness, trust. 'This is not erotic/and you are obscene' protests the young speaker to her much older abuser/lover. These are poems for every little girl and woman who has ever been put in a position of helplessness by a man using power and privilege to demand love. Tragically, this is a common story. Fortunately, we have poets like Morrissey to help us rewrite it." - Di Brandt

"... brilliant and disturbing.... "
- John Osborne, bête noir


•"Peter Gzowski, Peter Gzowski"
in Studio One: Stories for Radio
(edited by Wayne Schmalz)
ISBN 1-55050-011-2     trade paper

Written for Saskatoon actor, Anne Wright and produced by Wayne Schmalz for CBC Radio, this commissioned drama provided the first professional acting credit for Peter Gzowski. It was also the first CBC cross-country simultaneous radio drama, with Gzowski in Toronto, and Wright in Regina.

An agoraphobic woman fantasises about meeting CBC Morningside host, Peter Gzowski. When the real Peter Gzowski knocks on her door, she sends him away, preferring her mythical creation. A comic, yet deeply tragic, exploration of alienation and despair, satirising the false intimacy of radio.


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Other Books by Kim Morrissey:

Clever As Paint: The Rossettis in Love,
ISBN: 0-88754-552-1
[Playwrights Union of Canada, 1998]

Dora: A Case of Hysteria ISBN:1-85459-295-5
[Nick Hern Books, 1994]

"Morrissey writes with sureness and wit ....  Dora: A Case of Hysteria is an important addition to the Canadian dramatic canon and to the body of contemporary playwriting by women." - Rita Much, Canadian Theatre Review.


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Kim Morrissey - books used as University Texts:

Kim Morrissey - books used as University Texts: