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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Hosting

• Configuring: Setting up POP/IMAP over SSL to send and receive e-mail securely

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that transmits information over the Internet in an encrypted form for security purposes. POP/SMTP over SSL encrypts all data exchanged between your mail client and the ReadyHosting mail server with a digital security certificate to protect your password and messages.

To send and receive e-mail securely using SSL, follow these general steps. Refer to the online help within your mail client for specific instructions on where to set SSL options.
  1. Use a mail client that supports SSL. Most recent versions of mail clients support SSL. Some older versions do not. The following clients support SSL:

    • Eudora version 6.1.x and up
    • Outlook Express version 5 and up
    • Outlook 2000 and up
    • Netscape Messenger versions 4.5 and up
    • Entourage 2001 for OS 9 and V.X for OS X
    • Mac OS X Mail version 1.2x and up

    For clients not listed, check the online help for information on SSL support.

  2. In your mail client, select the incoming/receiving mail option for using SSL (such as "Use SSL" or "Use secure connection (SSL)").

    Note: This is not the same as "Secure authentication."

    Most clients will set the port automatically when you select the SSL option.
  3. Make sure that the port is set to the correct value:

    • POP: 995
    • IMAP: 993

  4. Select the outgoing/sending mail option for using SSL (such as "Use SSL" or "Use secure connection (SSL)").
  5. Verify that the SMTP server port is set to 465.

Note: For some mail clients if the server hostname configured in the mail client is not pop.readyhosting.com or imap.readyhosting.com (for example, if it's set to mail.yourdomain.com), a warning message might display indicating that the server does not match the security certificate.

If you receive this warning, change the server hostname to pop.readyhosting.com or imap.readyhosting.com.

• Getting Started: What are the E-mail Server Names?

The E-mail Server Names settings are:

Incoming Mail Server - pop.readyhosting.com
Outgoing Mail Server - smtp.readyhosting.com

• Getting Started: What is the Automated Domain Renewal Service?


When enabled, the Automated Domain Renewal Service will automatically initiate the renewal process for all valid domains fifteen (15) days before a domain's expiration date. If your account has an available Domain Credit, we will apply that Domain Credit to the domain renewal, otherwise we will attempt to charge the credit card on file for your account.

Important: an unused Domain Credit or a valid credit card must be accessible through your account for a domain to be renewed through the Automated Domain Renewal System.

By participating in the Automated Domain Renewal Service, you are authorizing ReadyHosting to act on your behalf to initiate the renewal of your domain(s) and charge your credit card for the renewal. If we are unable to renew your domain, we will send a message to the e-mail address on file for your account, providing instructions for renewing the domain manually.

If your renewal is processed by credit card, you will be charged the price advertised on the ReadyHosting site on the day that the charge is applied.

ReadyHosting's Automated Domain Renewal Service can be used for domains registered through the following domain registrars: Tucows/OpenSRS, Network Solutions and eNom, provided the domain was registered in, or transferred to, ReadyHosting's master account with the registrar. At this time, the Automated Domain Renewal Service does not work with other registrars or domains registered to a different master account. If you would like to use the Automated Domain Renewal System and your domain does not meet the above criteria, please contact our Support Team to request a registrar transfer.

Your participation in the Automated Domain Renewal Service does not guarantee that your domain name will be successfully renewed. A successful renewal depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, the availability of (i) valid and current credit card and billing information, (ii) Domain Credits, (iii) correct and valid contact information, and (iv) the registrar processing the renewal request correctly.

When enabled, the Automated Domain Renewal Service will instruct our system to automatically renew any valid domain(s) (see below) on your account fifteen days before its renewal date. If your account has an unused Domain Credit, we will use that to renew your domain on your behalf, otherwise we will attempt to charge your credit card.

Please note: the Automated Domain Renewal Service is only available for domains registered with one of our integrated registrars, and only for customers who have credit cards on file. Further, we can only renew domains for which the renewal date is known. If a domain does not meet these criteria, an exclamation-point icon like this: Exclmation Point will appear next to it in the Domain Management area.

• Configuring: Connecting to your site using FTP

While specific steps will vary by FTP client, you will need to enter the following login information when setting up a connection to your site:
  • Host Name/Address: ftp.readyhosting.com
  • Host Type: Automatic detect
  • User ID: FTP username (The master FTP username is typically your account username.)
  • Password: FTP password (The password for the master account is typically your account password.)

Note: Make sure that you do not connect in Passive Mode.

The FTP Management page lists your master FTP account and any additional FTP users, if included in your plan.

• Getting Started: What do the usage/visitor statistics track and report?

ReadyHosting's Visitor Statistics tool tracks the following information about visitor activity (usage) on your site: files, hits, kbytes, pages, referrers, response codes, unique search strings, sites, unique URLs, unique user agents, usernames and visits.

Note: Due to the limitation of the HTTP protocol and other factors, the number of visits should not be taken as absolutely accurate. Rather, it should be considered a very close estimate.

• Configuring: Synchronizing username and password between a domain and an account to have better management options

If your domain has the same username but a different password than your account, you may wish to synchronize them.

  1. Log into Domain Central. You should see a list of all domain names in the Current Domain Names section.
  2. Click on the domain name whose username and password you wish to synchronize. The Details page is displayed.
  3. Click Sync password in the Access Control section.

If your domain has a different username as well as a different password than your account, they cannot be synchronized. However, you can still log in from Domain Central to manage your domain.

• Configuring: Configuring ports when your ISP is blocking port 25, to enable sending e-mail using ReadyHosting's SMTP server.

If you are not using SSL for your mail, you can try port 587 as the Outgoing SMTP server port in your e-mail client settings (Outlook, Eudora, etc).

Another option is to apply your ISP's settings to your e-mail client settings. As long as your ISP isn't being blocked by another ISP (rare but possible), you should be able to send mail successfully.

If you are still having mail problems, contact ReadyHosting Support for assistance.

• Configuring: Locating and updating the Administrative Contact information for a domain registered elsewhere

When the domain transfer process is initiated, the Administrative Contact on the domain will receive a verification email that requires an action. Without this action, the transfer process is terminated. Thus, you need access to the Administrative Contact email address associated with your domain to complete the domain transfer process.

Use the following steps to find or update the current Administrative Contact information for the domain you would like to transfer.

  1. Find the registrar information
    • Known Registrar:
      If you know who is the registrar of your domain, contact the registrar directly. For a list of most common registrars and their contact information, click here.
    • Unknown Registrar:
      Perform a domain name search at www.allWhois.com or an alternate source to find the registrar of your domain and obtain the Administrative Contact information.
  2. Change or update the Administrative Contact information, so that you can receive the emails sent to the address on record.
  3. Disable the Domain WHOIS Privacy before initiating the transfer
Note: Domain WHOIS Privacy cannot be transferred to our registrar and must be purchased separately.

• Configuring: Pointing a domain registered elsewhere to your ReadyHosting account

To point a domain that you registered elsewhere to your ReadyHosting Web site, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into the Transfer a Domain page.
  2. Enter your domain name, and then click Add Domain. A confirmation message displays to confirm that your domain name has been added to our system.
  3. Contact your domain name registrar to update your domain with the following name servers:
    ns1.readyhosting.com and ns2.readyhosting.com.

• Configuring: Uploading your site using FrontPage

After creating your website and enabling your FrontPage extensions in the Members Area, you would open the site in Microsoft FrontPage and then click on File --> Publish Web.

For the publish destination enter http://username.readyhosting.com, where username is your account username. This should then prompt you to log on. Enter your username and password for your account. Once this is verified, your site will begin to publish.

• What is the version of MySQL database?

Our servers run MySQL version 4.1.14.

You can find helpful information in several places:

• Getting Started: Creating a mailbox

  1. Log into MailCentral. Under Current Addresses, there are two buttons - Create Mailbox and Create Forward.
  2. Click Create Mailbox. The Create New Mailbox page is displayed.
  3. On the Create New Mailbox page there are two areas to enter information.
    1. Under Mailbox Type, select Standard.
    2. Under Mailbox Info, enter the following information:
      • Mailbox name - select a unique mailbox name that will describe the function of this mailbox. For example, you might choose: "user1" if this mailbox belongs to a particular user, or "sales" if you want to route sales inquiries here.
      • From the drop-down list to the right of the "@", select the domain for the mailbox.

        The complete name for the mailbox will read: mailboxname@domainname.com

      • Enter a password for the mailbox.

    3. Click Continue. The Address Management page is displayed.

• Can I connect to the MySQL database remotely?

The MySQL database tool we provide is for online database access only. To access and manage your MySQL database, you must log into the Manage MySQL page.

• Configuring: Checking site traffic or statistics

To view graphs and tables based on your traffic/visitor statistics:
  1. Go to http://username.readyhosting.com/stats, where username is your plan username.
  2. Log in with your username and password to view the Usage Statistics page.
You can also view your statistics through the Visitor Statistics page, which enables you to perform other tasks related to your site statistics:
  • Update your traffic report
  • Enable e-mail reports on site traffic
You can access your log files through the Log Files page.

• What version of PHP is available?

The current PHP version running on ReadyHosting's servers is PHP 4.3.3. Newer versions may be installed as they become available.

• Configuring: Domain eligibility for Automated Domain Renewal

ReadyHosting can provide Automated Domain Renewal for domains that meet the following requirements:
  • Domain must be registered with:
  • Tucows/OpenSRS
  • Network Solutions
  • eNom
  • Domain must be registered in or transferred to ReadyHosting's account.
If you are interested in using Automated Domain Renewal and your domain does not meet the above criteria, consider a registrar transfer for your domain. There are many benefits in transferring your domain to our registrar.

Important: If your domain name expires in less than 11 days, the Automated Domain Renewal will not renew your domain. You will be required to renew your domain manually

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