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Website Forms

Website "Contact Us" forms, Submission forms, Order forms, Interactive forms. Seems today you cannot swing a mouse without hitting a form of on sort or another.

Website forms have become a necessary evil. Times were you simply put an email link on the page for people to contact you, but now, with all the spam and email harvesting robots, putting your email address on a page is problematical. Besides, you cannot be assured that a contact will provide you with the information you need to provide a thorough response when merely sending you an email. CENLYT can solve that problem for you.

Whether you need a simple Contact Us form or a complex order form, we can provide you with a variety of options that can make your form virtually spam proof. The forms can have a custom error and confirmation pages, and can be made to be sent to the form owner and/or the submitter, in plain text, html or both, and/or saved to a text file, MySQL, MS Access, or PostgreSQL database using .php, .asp or perl. Our forms can also run on a secure server as long as the server has mail capabillities.