CENLYT Productions-ms designs : The Technical Production People!

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CENLYT (Scene-Light) Productions - ms designs is an independent scene shop specializing in the design and construction of scenery for theatre, television, movies, industrial presentations, conventions, photography portraits, and special events.

With over 30 years of design and building experience, we have designed and/or built scenery for venues ranging from the smallest "black box" to places such as The Benedum, Lincoln Center, and the 1982 World's Fair, to conventions at Seven Springs Ski Resort and talk show sets for television.

If your venue is looking for an experienced, proven scene or lighting designer, or is need of assistance in the planning and construction of scenery, you need look no further than CENLYT Productions-ms designs.

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At CENLYT, we can also design for the virtual world of the Internet and even host and maintain your web site. Please visit our section on Web Site and Internet Services for more information.

Please note: we are no longer providing off-site building services.