Coteau Books in the Schools: Batoche
by Kim Morrissey ISBN 0-919926-91

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• Chatterton: this is paradise
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• Twentieth Century Vices  • • •  Smoking

London Bridge Platform - 8:16

in school it was only the cool
kids who could manage the shades
the smoke perfectly poised
for seduction each stubbing
pressed hard by the pain

phere people wait quietly
and while they wait, smoke
their own cigarettes, politely
extinguishing for the tannoy
not the train

there they still form perfect circles
within circles
wait for the bell


and then wait

---Kim Morrissey

from Smoking:

(first published by Vennel Press, Summer 1997)
8A Richmond Road, Staines
England TW18 2AB
as number 3 in the Brief Pleasures series

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