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Recognize these?...

Coca Cola McDonalds Microsoft - Windows Master Card

The first one is the most recognized brand name in the world (sorry Pepsi) followed by the next three. But you knew that, as well as who this is: Pepsi.

Name and product recognition just doesn't happen. First you have to come up with an idea and then you have to stick with it. How important is that? Here's a perfect example.

While doing design work for Adelphia Cable, we had to incorporate this Pittsburgh Steelers logo. The Pittsburgh Steelers, like any other business, are very exact about their logo. They provided us with a media kit which included every dimension, curve, colors, and manner of placement. Granted, you may not be that strict, but it is important that you stick with your idea and market it in all your advertising medium.

We cannot promise that our logo and graphic designs will make you a multi-billion dollar international concern, but we can promise you unique and eye-catching designs for use in print media or on the Internet that will help you REACH MORE PEOPLE!

Below are samples of some logos and graphics that we have designed over the years. Images which provide a larger view are noted.


Pamper Yourself Nails & Tanning
Pamper Yourself Nails & Tanning

Creative Concepts Hair & Nail Shop
Creative Concepts Hair & Nail Shop

My Accounting Assistant
My Accounting Assistant

Tennessee Governor's School For The Arts
Tennesse Govenor's School For The Arts

L'Khaim Theatre
L'Khaim Theatre

E Scripts
E Scripts

Wisconsin Association of Community Theatre
Wisconsin Association of Community Theatre - 1 Wisconsin Association of Community Theatre - 2


United Mask & Party Manufacturing, Inc.
Saltsburg Floral
The Olde Salt Restaurant
Saltsburg Shop 'n Save


Theater Services GuideWeb Site Award
Gold Globe

World Trade Center Map
© 2001 - CENLYT Productions-ms designs

World Trade Center Map - © 2001 - CENLYT Productions-ms designs

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