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Website Forms

Website "Contact Us" forms, Submission forms, Order forms, Interactive forms. Seems today you cannot swing a mouse without hitting a form of one sort or another.

Website forms have become a necessary evil. Times were you simply put an email link on the page for people to contact you. But now, with all the spam and email harvesting robots, putting your email address on a page is problematical. Besides, you cannot be assured that an email will provide you with the information you need to provide a thorough, informed response.

CENLYT can solve that problem for you.

Whether you need a simple Contact Us form or a complex order form, a HTML form or an editable PDF, we can provide you with a variety of options that can make your form virtually spam proof.

HTML forms can have a custom error and confirmation pages, and can be made to be sent to the form owner and/or the submitter, in plain text, html or both, and/or saved to a text file, MySQL, MS Access, or PostgreSQL database using .php, .asp or perl. Our forms can also run on a secure server as long as the server has mail capabilities.

PDF forms can be sent as attachments to an email, and/or printed and sent via postal mail. Either way, an editable PDF form makes it possible for you to gather all the information necessary for its purpose, while at the same time, providing a pre-formatted layout, e.g. a job application form.

Form Examples

For an example of an online contact form, please check out our Contact Us page. This is a relatively simple form utilizing both user-side and server-side anti-spam security measures without needing a reCAPTCHA.

If you require a more complex HTML form, you can review a sample of the The Persons with Disabilities (PwD) Project Application that we built for use by municipal transit authorities. This form has nearly 200 input fields and is mobile friendly. It also meets all necessary accessibility requirements for use on a municipal authority website. As you will see with this example, anything is possible!

Click here for an example of an editable PDF form . CENLYT has several municipal transit authority customers who are subject to numerous regulations. The example PDF is a 12 page employment application with fields necessary to comply with federal and state regulations. This form is probably more extensive than you would require, but it does provide an excellent example of what is possible.

Contact CENLYT and together we can build a form to meet your needs!

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